Peyton Chance October 5, 2017

Get Freebies

At ONA conferences, there is one mandatory trip: the Exhibit Hall swag run. Stocked with goodies, here are the must grab items from ONA17.

Does small talk make you antsy? Fidget tools aren’t just for kids anymore. You can grab grownup fidget cube from Taboola or a spinner from Circa.

Virtual reality experiences and freebies are standouts again this year. Attendees can dive into immersive technologies with Circa, FourKitchens. is showing off their green thumb with a pretty cool way to help you remember them after the conference. And they’ve got green snacks to keep you going.


Love data? Pew Research has freebies that let you show off your data nerd status.

If you’re feeling thirsty as you wind down your trip through the hall, make your way to CNN‘s booth where a mixologist is keeping ONA journalists hydrated for a second year. And don’t forget to grab a water bottle to keep the conversation flowing.


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Get Freebies